Welcome to the 3C Ranch!

The 3CRanch is nestled in the Eastern side of the Santa Catalina Mountains. With 500+ acres, Tranquil surroundings, breathtaking views and spectacular sunset skies, our ranch provides a wonderful setting for almost any occasion. The ranch features 4 ranch houses for overnight lodging: The Ranch House, The Bunk House, The Nixon House, and The Cottage.

Acres of historic 3C Ranch were purchased piece by piece by the Darimont family all through the 1990’s and right up through 2004. After acquiring the last piece, the Darimonts began transforming the tired, run-down ranch. The entire family started putting long hard hours and energy into planning, restoring, and rebuilding.

Today 3C Ranch is beautiful again. 3C ranch boasts three fully renovated guest houses, lovely landscapes, and more. Three C Ranch has certainly regained its prestige of the 1900’s when the likes of President Nixon, Mae West, and many others frequented the ranch. Today, guests of the ranch can enjoy touring around our historic ranch visiting the old buildings. Guests can explore the silvermines, bird watch, investigate the ranch vegetation, or just relax.

P.O. Box 1432 Oracle, AZ 85623

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